Ways To Prevent Maskne (Mask Acne)

Who would have ever thought that face masks would officially become the accessory of the year? Considering how vital they are in preventing the spread of coronavirus, itís likely that their popularity will continue into 2021.

We see people wearing various colors, styles, and even the luxury brands have jumped on the band wagon promoting the latest in mask couture. However, there is one little drawback that effects us, ďmaskneĒ or acne caused by wearing your mask. Trapped sweat, oil, skin products, along with friction and pressure that come with wearing a mask.

Here are 4 tips to prevent maskne and keep your skin healthy beneath your mask.
1. Clean Your Face Before And After Wearing Your Mask
You only want to put on a mask if you skin is clean because otherwise oil and dirt block the pores. In order to effectively remove the oil that builds while wearing your mask it is imperative to clean your face once you arrive home.

2. Wash Your Masks
Itís important that you wash your mask often just as you would a garment that has direct contact with your skin. Be sure to wash the mask in hot water and to use a detergent that is free of dye and fragrances.

3. Reduce Makeup
Wearing less makeup is helpful because items such as full coverage foundation can clog pores and irritate the skin. Light applications of makeup, no makeup, or oil-free makeup are best during times when you must wear a mask.

4. Use Masks Made From Natural Fibers
Avoid masks made of synthetic materials such as polyester. Masks made of undyed and unbleached cotton fibers and hemp are less likely to cause skin irritation.

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