Do Pre-Workout Vitamins Work?

Pre-workout vitamins help you to sustain your energy throughout your workout. The B vitamin family are typically good fuel for your body on a cellular level along with the amino acids that help the muscles produce energy for strength training exercise. Although many pre-workout vitamin concoctions will have a blend of herbal extracts that help provide energy, if youíre looking for alertness a good old fashioned cup of coffee will get the job done.
Itís important to note that the best pre-workout supplements and vitamins should not have caffeine as the main ingredient , should not be loaded with sugar, or contain chemical-based preservatives. These tend to cause a swift increase in blood sugar that will later cause a crash. Ideally your want a balance of nutrients and naturally derived sugars.
Whatever the vitamin choice, many people find it beneficial to take it at least 30 minutes prior to the workout.

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