5 Vitamin C Sources to Support Your Immune System

Most of us know that citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges contain abundant levels of vitamin C. But not ...
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How Can I Support My Immune System?

In addition to taking vitamins that we provide at Oro Vida Wellness, it is critical to focus on foundational supports such as moderate exercise, healthy and nutritional meals, and getting enough sleep. This helps build a strong immune system and when used in conjunction with Oro Vida Wellness immune support ...
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Stress Management

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not uncommon to experience high levels of stress and anxiety. Corticosteroid is a stress hormone that can suppress the immune system and the white blood cells that work diligently to defend you against infection. Here Is a list of ways to limit and relieve ...
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Do Pre-Workout Vitamins Work?

Pre-workout vitamins help you to sustain your energy throughout your workout. The B vitamin family are typically good fuel for your body on a cellular level along with the amino acids that help the muscles produce energy for strength training exercise. Although many pre-workout vitamin concoctions will have a blend ...
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Ways To Prevent Maskne (Mask Acne)

Who would have ever thought that face masks would officially become the accessory of the year? Considering how vital they are in preventing the spread of coronavirus, itís likely that their popularity will continue into 2021. We see people wearing various colors, styles, and even the luxury brands have jumped ...
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Where Are Vitamins Absorbed?

Stomach enzymes or gastric acids along with enzymes secreted from the liver and pancreas, worth together to begin the breakdown of vitamins and their content. However, it is the small intestines that absorb the vitamins and allow the nutrients from the vitamins to flow into the bloodstream, making them readily ...
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